Justice Minister Ali Sabry presented the 20th Amendment to Parliament today amidst chaotic scenes with opposition MPs protesting by carrying placards, wearing black armbands and “No to 20” badges.

Later the Opposition MPs walked to the Well of the House carrying placards and shouting against the 20th Amendment which prompted Government MPs also to walk to the centre shouting “We want 20”. The presence of both Oppositions and Government MPs   in the Well of the House led to a standoff which lasted over half an hour.

The  20th Amendment will  replace the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which was enacted in May 2015 and will restore the powers of the Executive which were scaled down by 19 A, replace the Constitutional  Council with a  weakened Parliamentary  Council (PC), allow dual citizens  to sit in Parliament and lift restrictions on the number of   Cabinet and junior ministers.

Here are some scenes from inside the Chamber.