Fifty-one years ago, on July 20, 1969, Apollo -II landed on the moon’s surface, the first successful manned mission to make it to the moon. It carried three American nationals on board, namely Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin Jr and Michael Collins.

Astronaut Neil Armstrong  stepped onto the lunar surface the following day (July 21, 1969) at 0.56.31 p.m. EDT Sunday ( 02.56.31 GMT Monday 8.26.21 a.m. Ceylon time).

“I am going to step off the LM (Lunar Module) now,” Armstrong said. “That’s one small step for man and a great leap for mankind,” he said as he set his left foot on the moon.

It made headlines across the world including Sri Lanka (Ceylon) where all aspects of the moon landing was covered in detail.

The Daily Post brings our readers a glimpse into how the historic story ,which made headlines across the world, was reported in the country’s leading newspapers at the time.

Science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke shared his views on the moon landing with the Ceylon Observer