While it is no secret that there is a saturation of websites dedicated to news to an extent that it can overwhelm readers, what is lacking is more in detailed coverage of issues including those that go beyond Breaking News.

The Daily Post was founded to fill this gap and bring to readers, not only essential news stories but also fill them in on other issues that are off the beaten news track by way of features, opinion articles and In Pictures, our look at topics of interests through photographs.

The idea of The Daily Post was mooted by a group of independent journalists. They have more than 20 years of experience in the newspaper industry and wanted to explore how the dissemination of information to the general public can be expanded beyond the limitations that traditional print media offers. Our objective is not only to enlighten our readers on current affairs but also to enhance their knowledge on various issues.

True to our tagline, we endeavour to bring old school journalism through a new medium.

The Daily Post has started on a modest note with the hope of gaining the support of more and more readers without whose support such efforts will not bear fruit.

The Daily Post invites our readers to engage with us. Please send us your feedback and share our articles on social media and join us on our journey down this new path.

Editorial Team,

The Daily Post