The Attorney General’s Department was declared out of bounds today and will remain closed until further notice after one of its security officers tested positive for the coronavirus.

Additional Solicitor General (Administration) Sumathi Dharmawardena, P.C. informed the Secretary to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) that the Department employs a private security firm and it is one of its employees who was confirmed as COVID-19 positive.

The daily meals for the private security personnel are provided by the lady security officer, who lives in the Hulftsdorp area and the prepared meals are brought to the Department by a fellow male security officer. On  Sunday afternoon it transpired that the said lady security officer was admitted to the IDH Hospital, after having tested positive for COVID-19 . It was also disclosed that she is a close associate of the male security officer who delivers the food.

Dharmawardena said steps have been taken since then to inform the relevant authorities of the above situation and investigations are being carried out by the Police and other relevant authorities.

“The premises of the Department have been declared as out of bounds to all and it remains closed, until further notice. The State Intelligence Service (SIS) has been informed to conduct necessary investigations on contact tracing,” the JSC was informed.

The AG’s official requested the Judicial Service Commission to consider this situation and excuse the absence of our State Counsel in court in the coming few days and also to consider the postponement of cases where state is party to suitable date in order for State Counsel to appear in courts.

“Since all  officers have been informed to refrain from entering the premises until further notice, they will not be in a  position to enter the Department and retrieve their files in order to prepare for their cases and appear in court,” the letter said adding that all  measures will be taken expeditiously to regularize the situation in the coming days.

The letter was sent on the instructions of Attorney General Dappula De Livera.