The Gratiaen Prize for Sri Lankan creative writing in English - 2019 was awarded to Andrew Fidel Fernando yesterday for his travelogue Upon a Sleepless Isle.

In the Citation  announcing the shortlist for the Awards, the judges said his book was  nominated for," For its clarity of vision and purpose. For the skilled use of language and the device of humour. A work that disguises itself as a travel companion all the while distilling countless experiences and anecdotes to elevate it as a work of creative and literary distinction."

Held for the 27th consecutive year, the Gratiaen Prize was founded in 1992 by Michael Ondaatje with the money he received for his Booker winning The English Patient. This year’s award ceremony was hosted online, with Prof. Minoli Salgado, Tara Coomaraswamy and Jake Orloff as judge

The short list for the coveted prize