A total of  19,279 depositors The Finance Company PLC have  obtained their compensation payments from the Peoples’ Bank under the Sri Lanka Deposit Insurance and Liquidity Support Scheme (SLDILSS).

By 12 July,  Rs. 5,175,336,249.68 (approximately Rs.5.175 billion) has been paid to such depositors, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) announced yesterday.

The  compensation payments to the depositors of The Finance Company PLC under the SLDILSS subject to a maximum amount of Rs.600,000 per depositor was commenced on 07.06.2020 through 63 branches of the People’s Bank island wide.

The funds required for making compensations to approximately 147,000 depositors whose eligibility has been confirmed by The Finance Company PLC have already been allocated from the SLDILSS.

However, it is observed that a considerable number of depositors have not yet been obtained their compensation payments. Hence CBSL informed all the depositors whose eligibility has been confirmed by of The Finance Company PLC, who have not yet collected their compensations to obtain the said payments from the People’s Bank.

Further information in this regard may be obtained from the following telephone numbers.

People’s Bank: 0112-481594, 0112-481320, 0112-481617, 0112-481703

Central Bank of Sri Lanka: 112-398 788, 112-477 261