Th Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has written to the Acing inspector General of Police  Chandana Wickremaratne  requesting that an immediate investigation be launched into the collapse of a building in Boowelikada in Kandy  in which three persons including a lawyer and her one and half year old child were  killed.

“We request you to immediately launch an investigation into this incident and ensure that all  aspects of the circumstances are properly and adequately investigated,” BASL President Kalinga Indatissa P.C.  said in the letter.

BASL identified   Attorney -at Law  Achala Ekanayake as a member of the Association who died in the incident on Saturday night.

BASL said it is concerned  about the incident for a number of reasons, one being the death of one  its members in these circumstances  and also equally concerned that even though such  incidents have taken place in the past, it is alleged that  the investigations  are not properly or adequately conducted.

“You would recall that a few years ago a building collapsed in a similar manner in Wellawatta near the Savoy cinema. Unfortunately,  and strangely there appears to be a trend that no further action was taken   by the state bodies  after the initial investigations re done, ,” BASL said.

BASL President Kalinga Indatissa P.C