CBSL grants approval to close down business operations of ICICI Bank Limited in SL

CBSL as granted approval to close down business operations of ICICI Bank Limited in Sri Lanka and cancel the licence issued to it in terms of the provisions of the Banking Act, No. 30 of 1988, subject to several terms and conditions.

Cabinet nod for major overhaul of Non-Bank Financial Institutions Supervision Department of CBSL

Cabinet this week gave approval to instruct the Finance Ministry to completely reform the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Supervision Department of CBSL and to formulate a new institutional structure to regulate Finance Companies.

SL-China signRs16.5B grant agreement

An Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of Sri Lanka, providing 600 million RMB yuan (LKR 16.5 billion) in grant assistance, was signed on Friday.

Cabinet approval to granting US $ /SLR buying and selling exchange facilities to CBSL for one to two years

Cabinet on Monday approved a proposal by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as Finance Minister to several measures to be taken to minimize the foreign exchange risk that may occur to the Licensed commercial Banks.

New administration building at Horana Export Processing Zone opened

The BOI’s Horana Export Processing Zone's new administrative building built at a total cost of Rs 46 Million was declared open by the Director General of the Board of Investment (BOI) Sanjaya Mohottala.

Committee appointed to look into irregularities in state banks under last Govt. gets over 100 complaints

A four-member committee appointed to look into the allegations of irregularities, unproductive measures etc. at four main State banks of the country during the last five years has received over 100 complaints, the Ministry of Finance.

Standard Chartered Bank donates USD 500,000 to ITUKAMA COVID 19 fund

Standard Chartered Bank contributed to the ITUKAMA COVID 19 healthcare and security fund an amount of USD 500,000(Rs 92.5 million) at the Presidential Secretariat on Friday.