The Health guidelines for conducting the Elections  amidst the COVID-19 outbreak has specified that the number of participants at propaganda meetings should be  limited to a  maximum of 100 persons with all participants wearing face masks at all times and chairs to be arranged in such a  manner to maintain one-meter distance with each other while seated.

If propaganda meetings are organsied, the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) of the should be informed at  least three days before starting the meeting.

A spacious venue should be selected so as to maintain required distance with adequate  ventilation and speakers are required to  maintain one-meter distance with each other.

Distribution of hand bills is discouraged during meetings; microphones must be  disinfected between speakers and duration of the meetings have to be restricted to three hours to  minimize exposure.

The person/organization who organizes the meeting are required to  keep the names, addresses  and telephone numbers of all persons attended.

The Guidelines, in the section on  propaganda meetings, also recommends the use print and electronic media specially television for election  campaigning to minimise physical meetings to avoid exposure and said that processions are not recommended.