A day after the Twitter account of the Chinese Embassy in Colombo was suspended by the popular  micro blogging and social networking site, the account was reactivated today (14 April).

"On 13/4, Twitter suspended official account of the Embassy, without any specific reason. The Embassy made solemn representation twice, requesting to clarify and correct their decision," the Chinese Embassy said in a news release.

It added that this morning, Twitter replied saying it was a "systematic mistake”, apologized and reactivated the account.

The Embassy said it regrets this "systematic mistake" and would like to reiterate that the "freedom of speech" must be honored,  not misused to spread groundless, racial or hate speech , nor be treated with "double standards "

Twitter did not give a reason to the suspension of the account, but a  source close  the  Embassy said it believes the action was  due to a ‘malicious complaint “ made to Twitter.

Twitter suspends  accounts of those who violate “Twitter Rules.”