The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) has received a record number of complaints of child cruelty on its hotline  during the Covid 19 lock down period.

The NCPA ‘s child friendly  hotline 1929  had received 437 complaints of child abuse during the  first 36 days, between March 16 to April 21, during the lockdown period of which 183 were related to physical and psychological abuse, its Chairman, Prof. Muditha Vidanapathirana said.

He said that although in normal times the complaints line receives an average of 850 complaints a month, only 15% amounted to cruelty towards  children.

NCPA received approximately 10,000 complaints last year, an average of 850 complaints a month.

The first two months of this year alone NCPA had received 2400 complaints of child abuse.

To help children who need psychological and social support the NCPA has trained its staff to work  from home through CDMA and mobitel connections to its hotline.

'We are giving prompt attention to all calls  and are taking appropriate action to  help  children  in distress,' Prof. Vidanapathirana said.