Director General of Health Services (DGHS)  Dr. Anil Jasinghe today issued a fresh circular clarify  the Health Ministry’s position on  quarantining of persons who  travel between districts.

In the circular issued  today ( 11 April), the DGHS  informed that the restrictions imposed on traveling between districts  in order to prevent any potential transmission of COVID-19 across the country should remain unchanged until further notice.”

It added that  if any person travels between districts with permission for essential services or for healthcare or any other justifiable reason, such people need not be quarantined. “This includes those who traveled to districts identified as high risk for COVID-19 ,” the circular said.

It added that if any person is found to have traveled unauthorized crossing district borders or even within the district from travel restricted areas, such incidents should  be carefully assessed for the need of quarantining  and appropriate action should  be take and also should be communicated to the Officer-in-Charge of the area  police for appropriate action.”

The new circular is a  deviation from the  one  he issued on 8 April which stated ,” There is no need for quarantining  any person who has traveled out of the residing  district or returning home from another district. This include those who have traveled to districts identified as  high risk for COVID-19.”

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA)  objected to  earlier circular and wrote to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa  stating that its membership and other public health staff are deeply disturbed  by this sudden unilateral  decision and warned of the possibility of adverse consequences.