The Election Commission (EC) has announced the formula for granting of leave to public and private sector employees to enable them to cast their  vote without being deprived of salaries and personal leave.

The number of hours or days of leave granted to the employees  has been decided upon based on the distance from the place of work of the voter to the polling station in the area the employee is registered to vote.

Hence those having to travel 40 km or less from the work place to the polling station, a half a day’s leave must be granted,  from 40km to 100km , a day’s leave, from 100km to 150km one and half (1 1/2) days leave and  more than 150km,  two days leave.

The EC said that what is recommended is the minimum duration of leave to be granted and since there are a considerable number of cases where three days are required to go to the polling booth  and return to the work station in certain areas of the country, in such cases, granting  three days leave is appropriate.

The decision to grant the stipulated period as leave  has been formulated  on the agreement reached at a discussion with the Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations, the Commissioner General of Labour and the EC based on the guidelines  of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.