Making artificial coral reefs - a strategy worth pursuing

Seas off Trincomalee are set to welcome the birth of a new coral reef, courtesy Sri Lanka Navy. The recent decision to use two of its decommissioned ships to help support the formation of an artificial coral reef could turn out to be mini colonies of coral as well, in time to come.

Dumping of H&M labels raise questions about Corporate Responsibility in apparel sector

The discovery of few thousand labels belonging to a global clothing brand buried inside a Nature Reserve has raised a number of issues with regard to Corporate Responsibility within the industry.

Mount Lavinia Beach clean up

Large amounts of waste is getting washed ashore along the Mount Lavinia beach in the past two weeks & has led to a massive clean up effort.

Green Zone coming to life in Port City

The public recreational area of Port City Colombo which is slated to be completed by next year is coming to life, with trees and plants forming an oasis amidst the acres of reclaimed land.

Organic farming coming to life in the Jaffna District

With the assistance of the Agriculture Department and NGOs, resourceful men and women in the Jaffna District have taken up organic farming turning land long abandoned due to the war into income generating plots.

SL air quality index improves under COVID-19 curfew

Sri Lanka's air quality index has improved during the period the country has been under curfew to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Central Environment Authority (CEA) said.

Galle Face Green turns green under COVID-19 lockdown

Galle Face Green, the legendary promenade laid out in the latter part of the 1800s by British colonial rulers, which has been anything but green for many year, is slowly coming back to life under the month-long curfew.