Family members of prisoners gathered outside the Mahara Prison this morning and demanded information and access to the dead and injured inmates.

At least eight prisoners were killed and over 70 were injured when prison officials opened fire to quell unrest among prisoners at Mahara prion at Ragama.

Two prison guards were also injured in the incident.

A senior policeman on  duty said a list of the deceased and injured would be released to family members this afternoon.

Police riot squad which came to the premises had brought the situation under control. There has been extensive damage to the prison due to a fire in the building, eyewitnesses said.

Police riot squad was brought in to quell the unrest 
Distraught family members of prisoners' gathered seeking information 
A man seeks information on a relative who was in remand at Mahara 
A police official told family members that the details of dead & injured prisoners' would be made available