More than a month and half of being stranded in the Colombo district, 1600 persons from  various parts of the country were dispatched to their homes under a  government program today.

ID cards were checked to verify places of residence 

Those who were home bound included  factory and construction sector  workers, domestic aides and others who had come to Colombo on work but were stranded due to the ban  on travel between districts which came into effect from 20 March as part of the anti  COVID-19 measures.

Heading home after a long wait 

The repatriation program was undertaken by the health authorities, Police and the Sri Lanka Transport Board .

All those leaving for their villages were subject to temperature checks  before their  departure and a maximum of 40 passengers were taken in each of the 46 buses that were allocated  to take them home.

Passengers boarding buses having their temperature checked 
A policewoman on duty checks on departing passengers
A policewomen on duty checks on departing passengers 
Some who had come to Colombo for medical treatment were among those who headed home