The Information and Communication Agency ( ICTA) today distanced itself from a controversial document published by the GMOA on an Exit  Strategy for COVID -19 in which it advocated racial profiling.

“We are aware that the Government Medical Officers' Association has published a document titled "GMOA / ICTA COVID-19 EXIT STRATEGY SRI LANKA" on Friday, April 17, 2020. We wish to mention that we have not contributed to the published document and were not consulted on nor approve of its content,”ICTA Chairman Jayantha de Silva said in a notice posted on the Agency’s official web page.

“We understand that the GMOA has since withdrawn the said document and re-published it without ICTA branding and without the two ICTA directors as contributors. This communication is an initial announcement to clarify the ICTA role in this document. Further notices may be published in due course as appropriate, “ the ICTA Chairman said.