In Pictures

Readying for the general election

Election officials are busy readying the cardboard boxes to be used for the election for dispatch to different polling booths ahead of the 5 Augusts Parliamentary election.

Dehiwela Zoo celebrates 84th birthday on quiet note

The National Zoological Gardens at Dehiwala celebrated its 84th birthday earlier this month. Celebrations to mark the day took a quiet note due to the threat of COVID-19 spread.

Postal voting amidst COVID-19

Postal voting for the 2020 parliamentary election which began on Monday will end tomorrow.

SL Navy Commander Admiral Piyal De Silva retires tomorrow

Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva was promoted to the rank of Admiral with effect from today by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa ahead of his retirement from service tomorrow (15 July).

Back to school in the era of COVID-19

The students returned under strict COVID-19 preventive health guidelines as part of the a phased out opening of government schools over the next three weeks. Teachers and staff members started work last week.

President promises relief for artists hit by COVID-19 outbreak

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa met with a wide spectrum of artists to discuss problems faced by them due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Three steps to prevent COVID-19 spread during polls as demonstrated by EC Chairman

“ There are three mandatory steps to be followed by all . They are using a face mask, washing hands, and ensuing they remain a meter apart,”Deshapriya said while demonstrating the actions at a press briefing.