Members of Parliament (MP)s who take oaths tomorrow will be required to wear masks at all times, in keeping with the  Operational Guidelines on Preparedness and Response for COVID - 19 Outbreak for the Parliament .

The Guidelines require MPs to  wear the mask when speaking in Parliament and all the times they remain in the Chamber.

MPs will also have to sit at their  designated seats only and whenever they are not seated in their designated seats should maintain  one m distance with each other at all times in the Chamber.

It is mandatory for MPs  to follow these guidelines at Committee meetings as well. The need of wearing masks whenever possible was also emphasized.

In addition, the guidelines include that members of parliament should not exchange their personal items such as mobile devices, headphones, pens etc. with others and should avoid habits of greeting such as hugging and shaking hands.

Below is the link to the Guidelines for Parliament  prepared by the Ministry of Health.