The Consumer Affairs Authority yesterday imposed a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for coconuts ranging from Rs 60 to Rs 70 per nut.

The MRP has been imposed in three categories based on the circumference of the nuts.

Coconuts with circumference over 13 inches can be sold at Rs. 70 per nut, between 12 - 13 inches at Rs. 65 per nut and below 12 inches at Rs. 60 per nut.

The Order was made by the Chairman of the CAA Maj. Gen. Shantha Dissanayake (Retd) who issued the relevant Gazette issued last night.

The price of coconuts have skyrocketed in recent days with the price per nut as high as Rs 100.

Minister of Coconut, Kithul, Palmyrah,Rubber Cultivation Promotion & Related Industrial Product Manufacturing & Export Diversification Arundika Fernando showcasing a newly invented coconut tree climber recently