The Health Ministry has released instructions for users of walkways and for local authorities in which such spaces are available restricting their use strictly for walking, jogging and cycling and not as places to hang out/social gatherings  till there are further instructions from the government.

Instructions for the Local Authority in which the walkways are situated include ensuring that uni- directional flow  is maintained with arrows to support this while cycle lending is maintained  with adequate  disinfection between usage.

Food outlets can be permitted with strict instructions on social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing of masks for employees and customers. Mobile food vendors  and cafeteria facilities are prohibited.

For persons using the walkways:-

• No group activities are allowed

• Avoid touching your face and use only  a personal face towel

• Maintain a minimum of one meter from other users

• Follow the directional signs

• Maintain one-meter distance when using food outlets and wear a mask

• Have a separate pair shoes and do not wear the same shoes indoors

The MoH also emphasized the need for people to exercise daily.

Uni-flow walking has been recommended