The Health Ministry has discouraged the use of gloves except  for those in the health care sector and a few other specific number of workers as using gloves gives a false assurance of protection with the wearer disregarding  more effective measures which prevent transmission of the coronavirus virus .

“Other preventive measures such as keeping a distance (at least 1M) from others, washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds (or using a hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol), and wearing a face mask when going out are important than wearing gloves in public,” the MOH  said.

It said that gloves are not recommended during shopping or using ATMs, for personnel working in filling stations, persons using public transport and drivers and conductors of public transport.

The MOH said that while using disposable gloves, people should be trained about doing and undoing gloves with utmost care taken as not to contaminate gloves in between, remove them carefully avoiding contamination of the wearer and the surroundings, discard them into a lidded bin lined with a bag and wash hands with soap and water after removing gloves.

“ If the wearer does not change the gloves in between use, the items/surfaces touched will get contaminated,” MOH said.

Wearing gloves are recommended for the following categories:-

• Cleaning staff - when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces/shared equipment or items in a workplace or a public place. Heavy-duty gloves or latex gloves are used.

• Laundry staff - when handling dirty linen. Heavy-duty gloves or latex gloves are used.

• Food handlers in hotels, restaurants, eateries, food delivery vehicles – when handling/serving ready to eat food. Gloves prepared from material safe for use in food or food packaging are used. Use of food tongs would be a better option than gloves.

• Personnel working in service counters- when handling cash and credit cards. Latex gloves are used.

• Personnel working in economic centres – when handling, loading, and unloading of goods. Heavy-duty gloves or latex gloves are used.

• People when caring for a sick person and cleaning the surroundings. Latex gloves are used.