The Consumer  Affairs Authority (CAA)  today announced a  Maximum Retail Price (MRP) on several varieties of rice with immediate effect.

Accordingly the MRP of a a kilo of Keeri Samba will be Rs. 120 , White/Red Samba - Steamed/Boiled (excluding Suduru Samba) Rs. 98  per kg. White/Red Raw Samba Rs. 98  per kg and White/Red Nadu - Steamed/Boiled (excluding Mottaikarupan and Attakari) Rs. 96 per kg  and White/Red Raw Rice Rs. 93  per kg by way of a Gazette notification.

The Chairman of the CAA Maj. Gen. Shantha Dissanayake  (Retd.) made the order under the Consumer Affairs Authority Act prohibition any importer, producer, distributor, or trader shall sell, expose or offer for sale, display for sale these  varieties of rice  above the Maximum Retail Price.