Non-touch greetings will have to be the norm  at weddings,  funerals and parties for a considerable period of time  with hugging and handshaking discouraged under the Operational Guidelines on Preparedness and Response for Covid-19 Outbreak prepared by the Ministry of Health.

In the section dealing with hosting of events -weddings, funerals and parties -  the Guidelines state that COVID control messages and the expected etiquette of guests, while inside the reception hall/ parlor must be displayed, at the entrance while hugging and handshaking must be discouraged and non-touch greetings must be adopted.

All guests/ visitors are encouraged to wear a face mask, in the correct method as described in the general guidelines while guests must refrain from sharing glasses, plates, spoons etc. In buffet style servings or self-service, a designated staff member must be appointed to serve food, to avoid guests handling common utensils.

The guidelines also discourage taking of group photos while other measures such as hand washing facilities at the entrance , temperature checks of all guests / visitors and the maintenance of a minimum distance of one meter are mandated.