The Government has no plans to legalize the use of cannabis in the country ,  Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa told Parliament today.

He said this in response to a  query from  UNP Matara District MP Buddhika Pathirana on an ongoing campaign to get the use  of cannabis (ganja)  legalized  in the country.

The PM said that there is  no evidence nor reports about a campaign to promote  ganja, but there are posts on social media platforms and internet to the effect.

“Some individuals and companies have sought the government’s permission to import the plant to be used as raw material for various products including medicine, but this would not be allowed,” he said.

The PM added that a  committee has been appointed in terms of provisions of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board Act No 11 of 1980 to study the threats from the cannabis plant.

He also said the government authorities are continuously conducting awareness programs on  the dangers of the psychotropic effects of cannabis via the paint, electronic and  social media.