As the hunter becomes the hunted,Sri Lanka needs an urgent & dedicated strategy to protect & restore the leopard population in the country

The Sri Lankan leopard is the topmost predator in the island. But with numbers most probably under 700 ,its status is under severe threat with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declaring our ‘panthera pardus kotiya’ as a highly vulnerable species.

False narratives- the bane of Sri Lanka

False narratives could turn a nation into cinder. A causal glance at our nation's history provides ample evidence of this fact, from Black July to Digana.

All that zoom….all too soon...Is distant learning for students a viable option?

Online education is the ‘new normal'. New, it’s for sure but very few things in online learning could be called 'normal' given the challenges faced by students and teachers who have had the ‘new normal’ unexpectedly thrust upon them.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet but overuse of terms of endearment can be a prickly issue

Sri Lankans generally love to fill up their conversations with various terms of endearment. What is in common usage in both Sinhala and Tamil, are plenty, from respectful Ayya, Akka to somewhat patronising Putha, Duwa and many dozens of other words falling in between.

“I can’t breathe”, a wakeup call for the world, on World Population Day

"I heard George Floyd’s words in my home in Sri Lanka, where my family and I were under curfew. In the days that followed, we saw the pain of his community resonate across the world

Sanitation workers : The forgotten human resource

With the average age of a sanitation worker well over 50, a high percentage of the current teams would likely leave within the next few years. The likelihood of new entrants in to the cleaning profession is also slim.

Job losses,pay cuts, personal well-being & disinformation among new challenges journalists face in the time of COVID-19

World Press Freedom this years falls at a time that journalists face many new challenges as they become front line workers reporting on the coronavirus with great risk to their personal well- being.