Nearly 50 years after becoming a Republic, the Evidence Ordinance is being amended to replace outdated words and expressions appearing in that Ordinance with the words and expressions which reflect the contemporary position.

So, it will be In with the Republic and Out  with the Queen once the Evidence (Amendment) Bill to amend the  Evidence Ordinance (Chapter 14) is approved by Parliament in  the coming weeks.

The words that  will undergo change include replacing the Principle Enactment with the substitution for the words, “waging war against the Queen” with the words, “waging war against the Republic”.

The word Ceylon will be substituted with Sri Lanka in all sections of the Ordinance while the words, “advocates, proctors,”  will be  replaced with the  word “attorneys-at-law.”

Other change will include  substitution for the words, “war for Her Majesty’s Navy, Army or Air force;” with the words, “war for the Sri Lanka Army, Navy or Air force.”

“Her Majesty’s Realms and Territories;” will become  “the territorial limits of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and of its divisions;” while  “of a British Consul or Diplomatic Agent,” of the words, “of any Ambassador, High Commissioner, or other diplomatic agent of Sri Lanka.

The Bill to amend the Ordinance has been published in the Gazette prior to it being presented to Parliament.