Parliament will take up for debate today the Resolution for the government to obtain  Rs 1.7 trillion (Rs.1700 billion) by way of a  Vote on Account (VoA).

The Parliamentary Resolution seeking money from the Consolidated Fund for state expenditure for the next four months of the year starting from 1 September will be taken up for debate on today and tomorrow.

The Ministry of Public Service, Provincial Council and Local Government will get the highest allocation of close to Rs 200, billion, of which around Rs. 180 billion will go towards recurrent expenditure with around Rs 83 billion going to the Department of Pensions.

The Ministry of Defence has got the second highest in allocation of around Rs 175 billion and here too recurrent expenditure accounts for Rs 154 billion for covering the operational activities of the three-armed forces and other departments coming under it.

The newly created State Ministry of Internal Security, Home Affairs and Disaster Management   under which all District Secretariats and the Sri Lanka Police have been allocated separate funds from the Defence Ministry budget.

The Ministry of Finance which comes under Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has the third highest allocation of Rs 136 million of which around Rs 50 billion has been allocated for capital expenditure to cover development activities.

Two other ministries that come under the Prime Minister, the Urban Development & Housing Ministry and the Buddhas Sasana, Religious & Cultural Affairs Ministry, have been allocated Rs 27 billion and Rs 2.8 billion, respectively.

Other ministries with substantial allocations for the next four months include the Highways Ministry with Rs 88 billion of which nearly Rs. 87 billion will be for capital expenditure (Rs 83.6 to the Ministry of Highways & Rs. 4.3 Billion to the State Ministry of Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure), Ministry of Health with Rs 76 billion and Ministry of Education Ministry Rs 70 billion.