President Gotabaya Rajapaksa  yesterday informed former Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa that a situation has not arisen in the country that warrants the use of powers vested in him under Article 70 (7) to  reconvene a dissolved Parliament.

The President wrote to Premadasa in response to the letter signed by leaders of political parties from the last Parliament  which was sent to him last week. In the  letter the party leaders  requested the President to exercise his powers under Article 70(7) of the Constitution and summon the dissolved Parliament and in turn extended their cooperation, “ without any strings and only in the best interests of the country and our people.”

“The dissolved Parliament cannot be reconvened.  Following the dissolution of Parliament, the Election Commission  fixed 25 April to hold the general election and later by another  Gazette Notification postponed the date of the election to 20 June,” the letter sent though President’s Secretary P.B.Jayasundera said.

Article  70 (7)) of the Constitution sates, “  If at any time after the dissolution of Parliament, the President is satisfied that an emergency has arisen of such a nature that an earlier meeting of Parliament is necessary, he may by Proclamation summon the Parliament which has been dissolved to meet on a date not less than three days from the date of such Proclamation and such Parliament shall stand dissolved upon the termination of the emergency or the conclusion of the General Election, whichever is earlier.”

The President has however ruled out the necessity of invoking this Article in the Constitution as of now.