SLPP Matale District MP Premitha Bandara Tennakoon has handed over three Private Member Bills to  introduce  a minimum age of 18 years for marriage in Sri Lanka as well as to amend the  Marriage Registration Ordinance and the  the Civil Procedure Code ( Section 627).

The three Bills have been  published in the Government Gazette and can  be presented to Parliament next month.

The proposed  Minimum Age of Marriage Act, No. of 2020 makes it illegal to contract a  marriage unless both parties to the marriage have completed eighteen years of age.

The amendment proposed o the Marriage Registration Ordinance No. 19 of 1907 seeks to amend it by removing the words “ other than the marriage of Muslims and” while the amendment to Section  627 of the Civil Procedure Code seeks to  amended it by removing the words “between persons professing Islam” and replace such words with the words “contracted in terms of the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act”.