Several new measures have been imposed for the Sirpada pilgrimage season for 2020/2021 due to COVID-19 with wearing face masks, keeping distance, and following proper health guidelines while on pilgrimage made mandatory.

Those who wish to undertake the pilgrimage to Sirpada this season are required to register the pilgrims’ group with the relevant Divisional Secretariat and carry two copies of the certificate of registration with them when they travel, District Secretary/ Government Agent of Rathnapura Malini Lokupothgama has directed.

One copy is to be kept with the travelers while the other is to be produced to inspectors at check points at  Nallathanniya ,  Warangala, Palabaddala prior at the start of the journey, the DS said.

Elders are discouraged from undertaking the pilgrimage while worshippers are not permitted to stay in the Sripada compound once they completed their religious observances.

Hawkers are not allowed to sell anything within Sripada compound area and rest room premises due to prevailing COVID - 19 pandemic situation, the DS said in a Gazette notification.