Sri Lanka's air quality index has improved during the period the country has been under curfew to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Central Environment Authority (CEA) said.

The CEA's air quality measuring stations both at Battaramulla and Kandy have indicated improvement in air quality levels since the islandwide curfew commenced on 20 March,  Deputy Director General at the CEA   K. N. Muthukudarachchi told the Daily Post.

He attributed this to the absence of emissions from factories and vehicles . “Nearly  60% of Sri Lanka's smoke emissions come from vehicles  and around  40% from factories and the country's coal power plants,” he explained.

Sri Lanka's Air Quality Index has always hovered around moderate levels (50 to 100) even when air pollution levels in neighboring Indian reached dangerous levels.

"Our index have never moved beyond the yellow shading indicating moderate levels at all times. But now it  has shifted to the green slot indicating that the atmosphere is clearing up," he said.