Agriculture authorities are working towards making  the country self-sufficient  in turmeric by 2023, Director (Development) of the Agriculture Department  Upul Ranaweera said today.

He said in 2019, 923 hectares  of turmeric were cultivated there was a yield of 9500 metric tons and of which around 1500 metric tons of turmeric power was produced.

The annual  demand for turmeric power in Sri Lanka is around 7500 MT and 5288 MT had to be  imported at the cost of Rs 1142 million in 2019. Around  90 % of the turmeric was imported from India while the rest  came from Myanmar, China, and several other countries, he said.

Sri Lanka also exported around  116 MT of turmeric to several countries including Germany, Australia, Canada etc. and earned Rs 104 million in revenue.

In 2020, Sri Lanka harvested  1500 MT of turmeric and a yield of  25,000 MT is expected to be reaped in February and March this year.

Turmeric a staple Sri Lankan condiment 

A ban on turmeric imports since March has led to shortage in recent months