The  solid waste collected in Colombo has reduced  by about 40% during the month-long curfew,  Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) said.

Commissioner Roshanie Dissanayake said that the CMC collects only around 200 metric tonnes of solid waste a day these days as opposed to 550 metric tonnes a day before the COVID-19 restrictions came into place.

She attributed the reduced collection to the closure of  offices, hotels and eateries in Colombo due to the COVID-19  threat.

With reduced load to collect, the CMC has also reduced the frequency of garbage collection going from daily to once in three days collection.

The CMC  provides gloves, sanitizers, masks and special coats to be worn during work to those who engage in garbage collection .

It has also launched a programne to do random PCR testing on workers involved in garbage collection, drainage cleaning and firefighting.