Election Commission Chairman  Mahinda Deshapriya yesterday emphasized the importance for candidates and their supporters, officials and as well as for voters  to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines as the country readies itself for the parliamentary election on 5 August under  “reasonable normalcy.”

“ There are three mandatory steps to be followed by all . They are using a face mask, washing hands, and ensuing they remain a meter apart,”Deshapriya said while demonstrating the actions at a press briefing.

He said the gazette notification under the Quarantine Ordinance containing the regulations regarding holding the election during the COVID 19 outbreak would be issued by next week .

Here are some scenes from yesterday’s  press conference.

Social distancing with at least a meter between each individual is essential on election day 
Wearing a mask will be mandatory for voters as well as election staff 
The EC will require thousands of liters of hand sanitizer to be used on election day & during counting 
The inedible ink to mark the finger of voters will be applied using a wax stick similar to a match stick