Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) launched the online election monitoring platform today. The web platform utilises open source technology, which enables citizen participation in combating state resource abuse. is a user-friendly tool through which the public can submit complaints on incidents of misuse of public property and see them visually mapped across Sri Lanka.

TISL hopes that the platform will provide the public an opportunity not only to submit complaints but also to understand the extent of public property misuse throughout the country. Whilst any individual can submit a complaint on the platform, these will be independently verified by TISL before being published.

TISL’s Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere said, “Too often, we find that citizen understanding of such complaints are restricted to a number, we are hopeful that will serve as a powerful tool for the public to understand the nature of the complaints being received. TISL remains committed to continue the deployment of the platform beyond the election”.  

TISL has received 103 complaints to date on the misuse of public property ahead of the 2020 parliamentary elections. Many of the complaints relate to the use of state funded development projects for campaign purposes and the improper conduct of public officials.  

Obeyesekere added, “in the absence of accountability, such incidents of misuse of public property will only increase in frequency. Whilst we commend the Election Commission for the preventive action that has been taken based on complaints filed, we continue to reiterate the need for legal action to be initiated against offenders”.

TISL’s Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere