The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), one of the few main  political parties which attended the meeting summoned by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees today said that its decision to attend was to clearly indicate that the Party is  prepared to extend its  co-operation to the resolution of issues in a reasonable and acceptable manner in the interests of the Country and all its People but emphasized that this was not a substitute to reconvening  of Parliament.

The statement signed by the four constituent parties of the TNA  was handed over to the Prime Minister at today’s meeting.

“We wish to emphasize that the meeting summoned by you is not and cannot be a substitute for convening the Parliament. We are of the firm view that the Parliament must be convened as stated in our joint statement to deal with several constitutional and legal issues that have arisen, which Parliament alone can deal with,” the TNA said in the statement.

It said the  country and the people are in a situation of grave crisis due to several  factors including the   coronavirus pandemic  which  has been gradually escalating and  much more needs to be done to eradicate it completely from the  country.

“There is a legitimate fear amongst the people that it could further escalate with grave consequences and  the Country’s united efforts are needed in this regard,” the TNA said.

The statement was signed  by Leader, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Sampanthan, Leader, Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK)  Mavai Senathirajah,  Leader Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO)  Selvam Adaikkalanathan  and Leader, People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE)  Dharmalingham Siddathan.