The GMOA has revised its concept paper on the exit strategy for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka overnight after it came under fire for advocating racial profiling   as part of its strategy.

The  document which was originally identified as the GMOA/ICTA’s  concept paper on  COVID-19 Exit Strategy was updated on the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) official website today after criticism on  social media over its racist stance.The reference to ICTA was removed from the updated document.

Among those who took to Twitter to condemn the GMOA’s concept paper was Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) Board Member Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana   who denied the Agency’s involvement in the report  .

“We were never shown this document, nor did we consent to being co-authors of this document. The idea of using Muslim population to make this decision is utterly preposterous and disgusting , Weerawarana said expressing personal his opinion.

The doctors trade union has prepared the exit strategy  based on the common structure which is applicable to a surgical theater in hospitals, which is supposed to be sterile in the context of a contaminated environment and therefore  the country will be categorized under three main zones namely  Sterile zone,  Contaminated zone and  Buffer zone.

As part of the methodology , the GMOA  in its original paper proposed that the three zones be identified based on a formulated score points and this  score points are derived based on weightage coefficients calculation using artificial intelligence software solution.

In the concept paper, the GMOA gives an example by using the Colombo district  using two sets of data of which only the data regarding population is accurate. “In order to clearly explain the methodology, all the other data as mentioned below are dummy data which are  area of each Divisional Secretariat (DS),  the Muslim population and all  other data included.

The second data set comprises 12 variables regarding each divisional secretariat with the vital variables identified as number of Corona cases, number quarantined, population density and  Muslim population.

The GMOA has kept the paper open for suggestions which can be  mailed to on or before the 22 April 2020 with the subject “EXIT STRATEGY”.