President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday advised all Heads and members of Board of Directors of State entities including Corporations and Statutory Boards, appointed under his government, not to   engage in political activities in favor of any political party during the upcoming General Election.

“If any Head or Board member wishes to extend his or her  support to any political party, they are free do so after rendering formal resignation from the current position,” the President said.

Instead of engaging in politics, they should  develop their organizations into effective, corruption-free, productive, disciplined, and profit-making entities. The State organizations are run with public money and should not be a burden to the people, ‘he said.

President stresses that physical assets such as vehicles and equipment or financial assets belonging to Ministries, Departments, Corporations and Statutory Boards should not be utilized for any political activity in support of any political party during the forthcoming General Election.

The law will be strictly enforced against those Heads, Board of Directors and officials of State organizations who violate these directives.

The President noted that under his leadership of the President is committed to building  a strong state, a developed economy and to establish a fair and just society and a people-centric political culture devoid of petty political agendas.